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Old video from the old house pool party!

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This is a video we took from a pool party we had about 10 years ago. This was parts of the King Moon Racer band with some help from some other friends. We put together a whole show for this party in about 2 days. Was a lot of fun!

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My church gig sound…

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I didn’t think it was possible, but I found a sweet box for my church gigs. Instead of lugging a bunch of gear around, I went with the POD X3 Live. I know people will say it isn’t a real amp, but I’m here to tell you this box has some rock in it. I’ve gotten some sweet tones out of the Plexi and XTC models. I will post them when I have them completely tweeked. My next experiment is to record some guitar with my fav Triaxis settings and then tweek the X3 until I get the same or similar sounds. Will keep you...

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Testing adding a pic with a post…

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A great night out that happened oh so long ago.

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Pics of the studio

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This is a picture of the recording studio in my house.  There is a control room, a jam room, drum room, and 2 iso booths.  Although one of the iso booths is under reconstruction.  I basically used it as a project studio for my own band and side projects.  Occasionally I will have a friend into the studio to do some recording as well.

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Studio Pics

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There should be some photos here.

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