Productive Jams and a couple tunes shaping up!

Posted By admin on Apr 9, 2014 | 0 comments

Hey everyone, Tall Dark and Jim is busily scribbling out some new tunes. We’ve met for a couple weeks to do some jamming. Out of those jams we have a plethora of ideas that are worth exploring. What exactly is a plethora you ask? A lot. On top of these ideas I have written a couple tunes on my own that I’m hoping to share with the band at an upcoming rehearsal.

April is a crazy month for all of us and our side projects so we may not get to put all this together until May. Definitely looking forward to this!

We have some ideas for the “theme” of the new Album/Disk/Record that we’ll release pretty soon. We have some details to work out, but it’s looking like there will be some friends on this one!

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