Finished p90x for the second time!!!

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Well, I’ve been pretty busy so please forgive the lack of updates on my progress with p90x. Good news is that I just finished it for the second time. Below you can see my comments on Phase III.

Week 9
Definitely had some improvements this week. It’s strange though, the Chest and Back workout kills me after the recovery week. Don’t know what it is, but cardiovascularly it wipes me out.

Plyo got much better, was able to really tear it up.

Yoga got much better too. Still dread Yoga Belly 7, but I feel SOOOOOOO good at the end of the workout.

Legs and back are still my nemesis. Had a decent workout, but didn’t see the gains I was hoping for…I think diet has an increasingly important role as you go through phase III. I don’t think I was eating enough carbs. Definitely solid on the protein side, but this time through I’m sure my carb intake was lacking.

Kenpo is going great. My kicks are getting snappy again and I’m getting good height.

Week 10
Chest, shoulders, and triceps: Rocked it. Actually doing some of the airbornes and more one arm pushups than ever. Feels good.

Plyo was great. Did it at home before I left for Tempe.

I was traveling this week so my workouts got a little screwed up. I still completed all of them, but I had to modify Back and Biceps. I was at a hotel in Tempe, Arizona where they didn’t have much in the way of weights. They had a Powerblock set but the weights were screwed up so I couldn’t really dial in the weight I needed. In most cases I had to do a little more weight than I wanted, or way less than I wanted. There was no way to do pull ups so I modified and did additional sets of things like Lawnmowers. At the end of the day, it was still a good workout, but I couldn’t follow it perfectly.

I took my recovery day a day early because I was flying home and did Yoga on the day I was supposed to recover. All worked out well. This week was interestesting. Travel really wipes you out. My diet sucked this week too. Eating out every day really takes its toll. I tried to stick to the best foods I could find, but a few beers did slip in.

I also hurt my left knee either during Yoga or during Legs and Back so I had to modify Legs and Back. At one point I stopped doing the leg parts that stressed my left knee so I just barreled through the back part one after another. Doing the back exercises one after another was interesting. My rep counts were definitely lowered!

Took it easy on Kenpo where I had to pivot on my left leg, but was still able to bring it. Was just cautious. No flying side kicks. 😉

Week 11
Chest and Back: Definitely some improvements. Went through the workout before the dvd started the last 2 exercises. Strange, was just feeling it that day! Cardiovascularly I rocked it.

Plyo was great! Really starting to enjoy it. It’s still hard, but for some reason it is fun now.

Arms: Upped the weight in a few places. Felt great. Love this workout.

Yoga: Amazing….loving this now. Funny how I hate it at the beginning of p90x and now I’m growing to dig it again. It’s very long so that has some mental ramifications.

Legs and Back:
Knee was re-aggravated so I was careful with legs again. Did everything except single leg wall squats.

Kenpo: Like money. Brought it.

Week 12
Last weight week…trying to finish strong!

Chest, tris, and shoulders: Improved in a few more places here too. Really like this workout. It’s funny, by the time you get to one arm pushups you are wasted but somehow you dig deep and get it done. Airbornes are actually kind of fun now. The last one is a doosy though. I’ve almost smashed my face when my arms give out.

Plyo was fantastic this week. I brought it x 10. I need to make sure I keep this in my routine after p90x to burn a few calories and keep the legs in mountain biking shape.

Back and bis. Ugh. My forearms were literally on fire after this one. I went big. Upped the weight in a bunch of places. Kicked much ass. Will never forget how tight my forearms were by the end though. Was crazy, could barely hold on to the pullup bar or the dumbbells by the last 25% of the workout.

Yoga was again fantastic. I was able to go much lower and to get an amazing burn on Yoga belly 7. Still long, but worth it for that last 10 minutes of Yin.

Legs and back: Did all the back exercises very slow to get more range of motion. Still put up some great numbers. Skipped single leg wall squat again because I’m worried about my knee. The only other thing I did was leave out the chair on the balance lunges. Other than that, I was able to do all the leg exercises and really crush them.

Kenpo: Great as usual.

Week 13
Last week!
What a great way to finish off. I have grown to love Core Synergistics. You burn a lot of calories and get a nice burn in the process. I remember round one of p90x I despised it, but now I’m actually liking it a lot.

2 days of Yoga went great…kenpo was fun and stretching was good. I think stretching is a very important part of any workout routine, but this one seems a little long almost for the sake of being long. Seems like you could get the same or better stretch in half the time. Just my 2 cents here.

Well that’s it! I have published my rep results HERE if you are interested. I tried to put comments in where appropriate if I modified the exercise.

I will also try to take some measurements and put up some pics from my results this time. You can see some pics of my first round off the home page at

Thanks for checking in!

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