Phase II – Week 5 of p90x is in the can…almost literally.

Posted By admin on Feb 7, 2009 | 0 comments

Finished week 5, which in p90x is the first week of Phase II. This is where you add a bit more carbs into your diet and start confusing your muscles by introducing some change into your workout.

The first time through p90x I noticed that after the “recovery” week I had trouble getting going again. This week was no different. I’m not sure if it was the recovery week or if it was just the change in the routine, but I was absolutely crushed after each resistance workout. Legs and Back was the worst. I really struggled to get through it. Thankfully I made it. Here I am starting week 6 today and I’m still very sore. (My can especially!) This is good.

Definitely made some improvements…I was looking at where I left off with round 1 and I was able to keep up so life is good. Really looking forward to this week. Did more one arm pushups than ever…

Off to Ab Ripper X…

See ya next week.

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