Week one of round two: P90x

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Week one of round two of p90x is now in the bag. As I look back on the week, I’m pretty pleased. I made it through every workout, some with better success than others. I believe my new idea of starting on Saturday rather than Monday is working extremely well. So here is a recap:

Saturday: Back and Chest
Last Saturday I started the routine with Back and Chest. The workout went pretty well. I did as the tip of the day suggested…I paced myself. This was a good thing. The second sets of the Back and Chest workout I brought it a little more. All in all, it was good. Didn’t have to pause at all, although I will admit I didn’t get after it like I’m capable of. I went hard, but stopped short of extreme nausea.

Sunday: Plyo
Gotta say, Plyo is my nemesis, but I made it through, no pausing, but a pretty good and elevated heart rate throughout. I always feel extremely good through the bonus round of this workout and even better when the workout is over. By the time I’m doing jump knee tucks, I’m starting to get pretty gassed. The second time through jump knee tucks though, I usually get some kind of second wind. Rock star hops get me pretty exhausted too. All in all, again, I am very pleased.

Monday: Shoulders and Arms
Kicked some butt on this one. Always enjoy shoulders and arms. Brought it pretty good. Looking forward to week 2. I predict some massive increases.

Tuesday: Yoga X
I looked forward to Yoga this round. It is very long, but man do I feel good after. Yoga Belly 7 (ab workout within the Yoga workout) kicks major butt. By the time that part is over, I’m extremely thankful. Did every pushup throughout and felt pretty good. The goal for next week is to go lower in all the Warrior poses.

Wednesday: Legs and Back
Got after it as much as possible here. Legs were still sore from Plyo and Yoga, but I turned it up a notch. Good increases in the pullups and felt pretty good on some of the trickier exercises like Single Leg Wall Squats. Looking forward to Kenpo.

Thursday: Kenpo X
This has been my favorite workout since day 1 of round 1. Major intensity, felt great. I realize I need to do some more work on my flexibility again, but my punches and kicks were strong and sharp.

Friday: Stretch
Ahhhhhhh. What else can I say!

Ab Ripper X. I did Ab Ripper on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. I still love Ab Ripper X. I can tell I took a couple months off, but I still make it through the entire workout doing the advanced moves. The only thing I don’t do the advanced move on is the single leg crossover. Aside from that, arms are up for In and Outs and Bicycles. For leg climbs the foot is in close to the butt and I usually only have one grab to get to the top.

Well that’s it. At the writing of this, I have completed Back and Chest for week 2. Today is Plyo.

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