Make your own MFC labels…

Posted By admin on Sep 25, 2015 | 0 comments

Here are some templates I’ve used for my MFC.  Feel free to download, use and share.  You may have to make the hole for the switch a tad bigger.  I laminated the sheets, cut them out, and put a piece of double sided tape on them.

If you want some high quality labels, check out  Sukh is a stand up dude and will take care of you.


AxeFX MFC-101 labels (small pdf)

AxeFX MFC-101 labels (small psd)

Here is what they look like.

Fractal Audio MFC-101

Fractal Audio MFC-101



If you like a bigger size, you can grab these.AxeFX MFC-101 Labels (Large Page 1) AxeFX MFC-101 Labels (Large Page 2)


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