Salamango Recording Studio Tour!

Posted By admin on Jan 2, 2009 | 0 comments

So I was on a video tear today. None of them noteworthy, but I have learned a bit through each one.

Here is a little tour of my recording studio. I apologize for the closeup of my melon. Youtube is doing something funky with the videos so I think I will have to try a different codec when I encode the video from now on. Ah well, you’ll get the idea, albeit a blurry one.

The studio has a control room, drum room, jam room, and 2 iso booths. In this video you can see a few of the amps I use (Boogie Triaxis and Simul-class 2:90, Carvin Legacy, Boogie Dual Rectifier, and Marshall JTM 60). I also show a couple of my guitars…

For more info on my set up, shoot me a comment.

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