Weeks 2 and 3 of p90x…

Posted By admin on Jan 25, 2009 | 0 comments

Sorry about missing last week…here’s the scoop though.

I still haven’t missed a day for round 2 of p90x. I just finished week 3 on Friday and am now on to the “rest” week. Rest basically means 2 days of Yoga, 1 day of Kenpo, 2 days of Core Synergistics (ugh…brutal), and 2 days of stretching.

Strange thing but the week after the “rest” week, I’m usually pretty gassed. Anyway, so far the routine is going great. I am improving every workout, just like I did the first time through p90x. While long, I still enjoy Yoga. After the first 45 minutes, it is smooth sailing. The last 6 minutes of the first half of Yoga is pretty tough. Yoga belly 7 is a good time too!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the muscle confusion part where we switch up the routines a bit. I should be getting a pretty good gain from that.

I have switched the protein I’m taking to the Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural Chocolate. Not interested in all the artificial sweeteners. It tastes ok…not great, but honestly I don’t care all that much. As long as my body is getting what it needs.

Well, that’s the update. I’ll post all my results at the end of week 4.

Bring it!


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