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Manage your work in progress…

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Manage your work in progress…

Here’s a little post I wrote when I worked for the Medical School at the University of Michigan.  The thing is, it completely fits for everything we do in life.  Whether it is writing a tune, recording, managing household projects, or attaining your fitness goals.  Enjoy. People think that they are that rare snowflake that can multitask. There is a mountain of research that proves otherwise. Our brains just aren’t made to deal with more than one complex task at a time. I hear it all the time. I’m different. I can’t work any other way....

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Tall Dark and Jim CD is done…well the music part at least.

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It has taken much longer than I anticipated, but I’m really happy with the way the new CD has come out. All the music is done being mixed and mastered by Marco Sfogli. Yeah, Marco mixed it. I’m absolutely thrilled that he agreed to do it. He has had a profound impact on me as a musician and has been an inspiration to me with regards to tone and playing just the right notes. Sure he can shred, but the melodies he comes up with are what really draw me in. Very similar to Petrucci’s earlier stuff. Just love it. Anyway, I am...

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Pics of the Recording Studio

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I had some time over the weekend so I snapped a few pics of the recording studio…I’ll take some of the control room in the following week.

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Finished p90x for the second time!!!

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Well, I’ve been pretty busy so please forgive the lack of updates on my progress with p90x. Good news is that I just finished it for the second time. Below you can see my comments on Phase III.

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Week 7 and 8…done…on to Phase III.

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Weeks 7 and 8 went by without a hitch. This round seems like it is flying by. The sick pack is back, and I’m feeling the love again.

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Phase II – Week 6 is history…woohoo!

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Hey there all you p90x junkies. A little update on my progress…I just finished Week 6 and feel freakin’ great. I’m minutes away from starting week 7’s routine. (Chest, shoulders, and tris.)

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Phase II – Week 5 of p90x is in the can…almost literally.

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Finished week 5, which in p90x is the first week of Phase II. This is where you add a bit more carbs into your diet and start confusing your muscles by introducing some change into your workout. The first time through p90x I noticed that after the “recovery” week I had trouble getting going again. This week was no different. I’m not sure if it was the recovery week or if it was just the change in the routine, but I was absolutely crushed after each resistance workout. Legs and Back was the worst. I really struggled to get...

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Fantastic Zappa Interview

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Check out this interview with Frank Zappa from CBC radio… Zappa Interviews

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P90x week 4 update and new protein…film at a 11.

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Hey gang, just wanted to chime in with the results of phase one of P90x. This is really my second round going through the program. I finished round one somewhere around June of last year. Then I took a few months off to mountain bike and try to be active without the stress of P90x, but I’m back in the saddle.

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Weeks 2 and 3 of p90x…

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Sorry about missing last week…here’s the scoop though.

I still haven’t missed a day for round 2 of p90x. I just finished week 3 on Friday and am now on to the “rest” week. Rest basically means 2 days of Yoga, 1 day of Kenpo, 2 days of Core Synergistics (ugh…brutal), and 2 days of stretching.

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